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Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Thursday Breakfasts

For the last two Thursday mornings, I've attended a business person's breakfast in Kingston. I'm quite amazed at how successful this has been at making new connections with business people, networking, and even getting referrals for web work.

Cory first told me about it, when we were looking into the FreshFoodOasis.com site, and we intended to go in many times. However, for one reason or another it just never happened. I wish I had made it more of a priority!

I have heard of these sorts of things before, but didn't really believe they would make much of a difference. I was being naive. Of course, where there are business people getting their enterprise off the ground, they are going to want to network with other start-ups to service their various needs, and to make their own services available.

It's a bit of a commitment-- a few hours a week that I would normally be working, but I have come to see that it pays for it's own time. I will be committing to this for the foreseeable future.