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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, November 15th, 2019
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When reading about Psalm 135 this week, I discovered that nearly every verse of this Psalm quotes from other passages all over the Hebrew scriptures! And so, I stopped to reflect on why the writer would want to do this?

Usually, when one references other writings, it's done in order to give authority to the thing you're claiming. One might be trying to show that they are not the first to have said such a thing, and that their conclusions are supported by all the important writers on the subject.

So what is the psalmist trying to prove here? It's nothing alarming, but nevertheless, it's so important and true: he's telling us to praise the Lord, as well as giving us the reasons to do so!

The first reason is obvious: we praise the Lord because he is GOOD.

If there was no other reason, this alone would be enough. Think about it. Who else is REALLY good? While we may make claims about ourselves, that we are "basically good people," we all should realize that our goodness doesn't compare to that of a perfect Being. Since there is only One who is truly Good, then we should definitely praise Him!

The second reason to praise God is because it is PLEASANT to do so!

This should never be the primary reason to worship God. If it was, then our focus wouldn't be on God at all, but rather on self-gratification! Instead, pleasure is a wonderful by-product of being in His presence. We find ourselves restored and healed, touched to our core, and blest by an encounter with the Supernatural Being himself!

The third reason to praise God is because he has CHOSEN us as his people!

At the time of the writing of this Psalm, God had chosen Jacob and his offspring as his own people, but ever since Jesus came and made us his brothers and sisters, we are all "grafted in," heirs, and members of the family of God!

After giving us these three reasons to praise God, the writer continues referencing other scriptures, by listing examples of God's great works: God does what he pleases, in all the heaven, earth, and seas; He is in charge of the weather: clouds, lightning, rain, and wind; He accomplished great signs and wonders; and He took power over the earthly evil empires that would thwart His will, and that would subdue his own children!

In comparison to God, all the other objects of our attention are nothing. They have no power. They are without mouths, eyes, ears, or even breath! To desire them more than God, or trust them instead of God, is to make yourself just as impotent and unreal as they are!

So, in conclusion: all of you who come from the houses of Israel, Aaron, Levi, or anyone else who fears God, join in the great chorus of worship, and bless the Lord!