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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Thursday, September 29th, 2016
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The title is a bit of a “teaser” - obviously, I believe that there IS a god. Just as this psalmist claims, it strikes me as quite foolish to assert there is no god.

It's interesting, because I've been speaking to a new friend recently, who is very interested in philosophy. We've been speaking about religion and faith, and he claimed to have once been an ardent atheist, moved on to agnostic, and presently sees himself as a pantheist. He's on a journey, and though I didn't say so to him, I wouldn't be surprised to see his faith eventually lead him to Jesus.

While I understand why people choose atheism as an approach to life, it seems so arrogant to me. Just as one may claim it's impossible to know if there is a god, I would argue it is equally impossible to know if there is not a God. Agnostic seems a much more rational approach to theism. It's humble, it's not antagonistic.

Let's be honest here: we believe that even faith is a gift given by God. He reveals himself to us in his own time. Let's pray for our antagonistic, atheist, and agnostic friends that God will give them faith.