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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, October 4th, 2019
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Have you ever thought about the term, "the gate of the Lord," or "the gates of righteousness?"

It's mentioned in this Psalm, and I find it a curious expression. In ancient times, cities were protected by gates, and perhaps this word-picture is used to describe an entrance to the very city of God!

In any case, gates are typically used to keep things in, or to keep things out. In this instance, apparently the righteous are able to enter, and presumably the unrighteous may not.

Thinking about righteousness, I had an emotional conversation with someone very close to me last week. When we get together, there is often tension and frustration, because we have such different ways of looking at the world. This person has turned away from organized religion and Christianity in particular, because of the guilt they feel, and the sense that they could never be good enough for God.

Of course, none of us can be good enough for God, and that is the whole point of Jesus' death! He received punishment for our sins, so that we could be declared "not guilty!" To feel guilt as one tries to follow Jesus, is to miss the point altogether!

Like my dear friend, the psalmist, (probably David), seems to be aware of his own guilt. He realizes that he would not normally be admitted through the gates of righteousness, but that they've been opened to him anyway! He says in verse 21, that he thanks God for hearing his request, and for becoming his salvation!

I love the nuance of that phrase. "Becoming" his salvation, not just giving him salvation.

In Matthew, chapter 21, Jesus himself refers to this scripture, as if describing the impact he would have on the world! He was rejected, and through his death, he became the cornerstone upon which the whole system is aligned. He quite literally, became our salvation.

That sends chills right up and down my spine! This scripture is a powerful prophecy, written and sung hundreds of years before Jesus walked this earth! And we're meant to notice: reference to this Psalm is found in many places throughout the Bible, including Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, Ephesians, and 1st Peter!

Would you like to enter the gates of righteousness? You simply need to ask that God become your salvation! Let your guilt go, don't worry about being "good enough." Just accept Jesus' sacrifice, the sacrifice he made for you.