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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, August 21st, 2020
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Okay, dumb question time: are you ever afraid?

Who isn't, right? Everybody falls into old fears once in a while. Fear can wear a lot of different masks; whether it's jealousy, worry, obsessive compulsive behaviour, social anxiety, as well as many other negative emotions.

At the root of all of them is that old enemy, fear, and we all have felt it.

In contrast, God is so completely deserving of our trust! Just try to imagine a person who is full of perfect love! Such a being would be entirely trustworthy and safe, right? That love would cushion us from fear, strengthen us in weakness, hold us tenderly in moments of pain. That person is God.

We should all be able to identify with this Psalmist, as he talks about his enemies trampling over him, of people fighting with him. He complains about the evil thoughts people hold against him, people trying to take him out, to betray him, and hurt him!

Our loving God treasures us so much, that he even keeps our "tears in a bottle," knowing our every loss, caring that we struggle, and tracking it all. He will vindicate and save us from destruction!

Do not despair, God is FOR us! There is no reason to be afraid.