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Jason Silver

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That's Why (3:17)

by Jason Silver (played 9 times)


Far below the surface, you can hear my soul cry
The scream of a child who believes he's gonna die
I thought I knew the answer, I just lived a lie
You're here, you're the answer, that's why.

Tried to build a fortress, walls of granite to the sky
A castle meant to save me, just a place for me to hide
Feelings of rejection, I could not deny
And you were waiting, you're the answer, that's why.

That's why I live life undefended,
That's why my castle lies in ruins.
Because to hide, I must unveil
I give it all right up to you.

When I'm deep inside of me looking evil in its eye
I believe I need something to help me just get by
But all I'm really longing for is just what you supply.
If only I believed it, I'd fly!

I fear that I am mortal, I'll die.
But you're here, yo're the answer, so why?
Still I fear that I am mortal, I'll die.
So I protect me, incorrectly, that's why: