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Jason Silver

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Hope Has Taken Me (3:02)

by Jason Silver (played 4 times)


It's a mystery to me
That deep within my heart
There is something more I need to fill the yearning part
Nothing satisfies,
I've tried to set it free,
And trying is the word for it; the trial of the century!

And time has ceased to move
We're in that moment now
I fill my chest with deep breaths, give thanks and wonder how?
My shoulders drop, relieved
And seconds become years
No pain: that life has disappeared

Not someday, nor yesterday,
Not waiting, not waiting!
No wishing or wanting,
Hope has taken me
I'm here now, we're together
You've brought me to this moment
Most satisfied, hope has taken me.

You've laid the brush aside,
The canvas needs no more
This world is a masterpiece of pain, of joy, or peace and war!
Now you take my hand
You help me see it through
I worship the ground you walk on, I love you!