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Jason Silver

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Moving On Again: Instrumental Improvisations

The Backstory

Most of these songs were recorded in 1999 and released on a CD called “Moving On.” I had lost a job that meant a lot to me-- my first career job, and I felt like I was really making a difference. Unfortunately, those I worked for didn't feel the same way. The transition proved to be difficult, and I found release in writing these songs.

Always Moving On

As fate, or luck, or God would have it, I found myself in nearly the same position 10 years later. Though maturity and experience helped me weather the change, it seemed appropriate to revisit these recordings.

I dusted off the MIDI files of the piano playing, but re-recorded the bass, drums, whistles, and other instruments; where they had been synthesizers in the first recording, this time everything is recorded with real instruments (except the piano, unfortunately).