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Jason Silver

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Sunny Days


A friend in the music business told me I should start writing a song a day-- just pump outsomething, however crappy or trite. Get the juices flowing, and great things would happen. I gave it a try, and between February and March of 2008, I mechanically produced as much material as I could. Sometimes I resurrected old songs, adding a verse, or just improving them a bit. But most days I found something completely new and creative.

After writing each song, I quickly recorded it to upload it to my blog. When finished I had eighteen songs for my “Sunny Days” project, and fifteen for my “Ghost Town” project.

Raw and Unproduced

These recordings are not very good. But some of the songs are brilliant, I think-- even if I am saying it myself. I gave them away for a while, and then decided to offer them as downloads through iTunes and other music sites.

I really need to make the effort again, and just hammer out some new music. So far, I've beeb saying, “Maybe next year."