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I Put Scripture to Music!

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Recent Single: Died With Christ

Once the words of scripture are in your memory, they start to seep into your heart... so I've made it my life's goal to put as much of the Bible to music as humanly possible!

Listen All You Want!

Although my songs can be found on all the major music platforms, I also make them available here. Use the search bar to find what you're looking for, or browse my catalog by clicking here.

If you really love what I do, maybe you could join others in supporting me by visiting Patreon.com/JasonSilver.

What You Can Do Here

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Upcoming Release: Right With God
  • Play Music: My music can be streamed from this site - just click music in the top menu, choose an album by clicking on it, and then 'play all' or choose an individual song.
  • Download Sheet Music: There is a little icon next to the songs which have sheet music. You'll get a PDF emailed back to you, or I can mail it if you prefer.
  • Watch Videos: The videos page lists YouTube videos I've made. You can also click the icon next to each song.
  • Spread the News: Click the Facebook icon to share songs with your friends on Facebook.

Latest Blog Entries

Saturday, July 6th

July Update

I hope you've been enjoying these Celtic-inspired scripture songs I've been releasing for the last number of months. I've been having fun making them,...
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Saturday, June 22nd

Joanne Returning and Other News!

Today I'm driving to Ottawa to pick up my lovely wife who has been in Saskatchewan for 10 days. She's been caring for her parents, and especially helping...
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Saturday, June 15th

Spiritual Warfare

Hello my friends, Lately it seems like I'm being pelted with spiritual sticks and stones. I've struggled more than usual this week to keep my chin up,...
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