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Jason Silver

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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, October 20th, 2017
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From everlasting! That's such a long time.

Recently I've been confronted with the reality of death again... an acquaintance has passed away recently, a young person full of life and vitality and beauty, newly married, and yet overtaken by the monster we call cancer.

Whenever this kind of thing happens, I reflect on how short life really is. Whether you live 100 years or 1 year, in the span of eternity, in light of the millions of years humans have been here, in light of the eons before that this this earth spun in space, our lives are insignificant moments in time.

And yet, none of this changes the reality that God is God. God is “our dwelling place,” our reality. We die, we fall to dust, others take our place, and as this Psalm says, God continues to be God!

In the middle of this Psalm, right after celebrating God's eternal nature, the writer asks God to release his people from torment and affliction, in compassion to satisfy us with his love so we can rejoice!

Can you identify? Do you ever feel insignificant? Are you despairing from the situation you find yourself in? Take heart. God is God! He will always be God, in his love, mercy, faithfulness, and truth.