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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, November 2nd, 2018
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Foolishness is a subtle concept: to an atheist, we're fools for believing in a Creator, and yet to believers, atheists are fools for not believing.

Both can't be true. Although we live in a post-modern culture that says, “Oh yes it can,” I have difficulty accepting that. It's binary: God is either real, or he is not.

I was hoping this Psalm might help us out, but David is being simplistic by saying atheists do abominable deeds. I know a few atheists who try very hard to live upright lives. They aren't obviously perverse, they aren't necessarily corrupt, and are actively trying to do good.

(Yes, I know all of our righteous acts are like dirty rags in God's eyes, but stay with me here...)

So we can't really rate an atheist on his deeds, at least outwardly. However, I consider her foolish because she has faulty logic: isn't there more to lose for an atheist if he or she is wrong?

This unbeliever might consider it a noble pursuit to hold a correct view, but that doesn't help him at all since he won't know if he's correct until he faces (or doesn't face) potential consequences of unbelief.

But for a believer, their noble pursuit, at least as Christians is to seek God's highest glory. They are to glorify him in all the earth, to love others unselfishly, to put others first, and themselves last.

That does seem like foolishness without the insight of God. But that's why I love it!

So I'll be a fool for God! How about you?