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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, September 1st, 2017
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Psalm 38 stands out from many of the others by the tone of penitence that really goes from the beginning through to the end. David is full of grief and complaint, crying of his sins and afflictions which he feels contribute to his sickness and pain. He speaks of friends who abandon him, and enemies who torment him.
He even feels the displeasure of God on his life, and yet cries out to god about all of the offences against him.

But in David's beautiful way, he doesn't end there- he remembers to praise God in the end, and confesses his sins in humility and even joy.

When we sing along with this psalm, we ought to be strongly affected with the terribleness of sin; and, even if we are not in the depths of despair as David is, we can agree that our heart is dark, and the future is unclear. In that instance, we must sing of them by way of preparation. We can also realize that some of our friends and acquaintances may be in this place, and therefore we should sing along by way of sympathy.