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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, November 10th, 2017
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Do you come from a family of believers? Maybe you have a grandmother who has faithfully prayed for you for years, or maybe you've been blessed to have been part of a church since you were a child?

I have grown up in the church, and have heard the stories of how God has mightily made himself known to my people. Close calls from car accidents, maybe, or a healing from cancer- a prayer for a child to be born safely, or the saving of a marriage-- these are just a few of many types of prayers one hears.

But in this Psalm, the writer cries out to God; he says, “I've heard how you've done great deeds, back in the old days... my grandparents have told me the way you saved them, but, what about me?”

The Psalmist continues by saying, “I know the way you brought us this country, how it was through your strength, and not my ancestors strength that these battles were won. But what about now? What about today, and our battles?”

That's so real. That's so honest! For most of us, all we've got to go on are the stories we've heard, but it can seem like God isn't listening to our need.

Like this poet, we tell God, “Yes! You are my God, I trust only in you. Yet it seems like you're just not here. You've rejected me, you've let the enemies win.”

That's just one aspect of what makes the Psalms such a great place to go when we are lonely, afraid, and feel like God isn't even listening.

Lord, rise up! Come to our help. Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love.