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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, May 11th, 2018
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I have only seen the aurora borealis a few times, but each time, it inspires a quiet awe in me. The heavens seem to be burning, a cascade of energy washing the sky with colour.

It could almost be a metaphor for the work of God in us- like a fire, burning away the useless parts, the bright light from the flames exposing our dark, secret places - those areas so in need of the healing power of God. And the resulting illumination reflecting the colour and beauty of the character of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Fires are gathering places. Whether it's a building, or a campfire, people are drawn to them, staring into the flickering flames, mesmerized by the power, the devastation. In a similar way, when God burns in us, filling us with his energy, light, and love, we become not just a curious attraction, but a refuge of warmth and safety.

Remember the burning bush which Moses encountered in the desert? Just imagine seeing a strange glow in the distance, beckoning you. Upon arriving, you realize that the burning is a living thing, not consuming the bush, as much as bathing it, highlighting it, caressing it. Then the bush speaks! It would be terrifying!

God, fill us with your fire. Consume the dross, refine the silver and gold within us. Make us a beacon to the world. Help us to warm the earth with our love and tenderness. Help us to love.