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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, April 12th, 2019
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As our icy winter melts away this year, many of the beautiful waterfalls in our area are even more stunning than usual. The roar of these torrents is something amazing to experience! As you can see in this video, the water has surpassed its boundaries, swamped the nearest trees, and rushed out to make new paths.

I would imagine it to be very difficult to constrain water. Blocking one route would just force the water to find a different way, and then perhaps cause even more destruction. It MUST flow, almost as if it has a life and power of its own!

There are a lot of verses in the Psalms that compare rushing waters, torrents and floods to the mighty power of God, and one can certainly see why! The rush of the river cleans everything in its path, it scrubs away even at the rocks it encounters and even breaks up the ice! All the while, it brings life to the many types of creatures who drink and grow near it!

As I stood on the outcrops overlooking this power, I focused on planting my feet, and I was careful not to fall over the edge. Sometimes the swirling water almost made me dizzy, so that I would lose my balance and sway a bit from side to side!

Aren't these wonderful metaphors for the power of the Holy Spirit? God is terrifying, and indescribably powerful! Everything in his way must be scrubbed clean or destroyed! And yet the life that He brings is undeniable!

“How awesome are your deeds, O God! Because of your great power, your enemies cringe before you!”