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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, September 27th, 2019
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It was a beautiful September morning last Saturday when I recorded this video. We parked the car on an abandoned portion of road, and slipped the canoe gently into the waters. An early fog hung heavily beneath the awakening sun. Birds flew up from the reeds, metres away, calling angrily at us for disturbing their morning peace.

Our peace, however, was just beginning.

The radiant reds and golden yellows of early autumn reminded us that a season was over, and a new one coming. As beams of light forked through the morning mist, I felt nostalgia for the lost days of summer. At the same time, I felt a wary foreboding for frigid days ahead. "Winter is coming."

But this season, autumn, is my favourite of all.

It seems to be true for many people. What is it about the final days of summer that warm the heart? The evenings are cold, and often accompanied by a crackling fire, which is cozy in itself. Perhaps the smells of baking: of apple pie, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and fresh bread all play a part, reminding me of childhood at home. Autumn is also a time of harvest; of thanksgiving, and prayers around the table; of love, grandparents, and readying the home for winter. Even animals seem to be gathering what they can, preparing for the long cold wait.

Oh Autumn! I see the trees giving up their leaves, the flowers losing their petals. Though these are their last days, they are often in their most glorious state! I take in their bold swansong colours and agree with the psalmist today: the earth has yielded its increase! God has blessed us!