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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, August 9th, 2019
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It almost looks as if the entire world is changing. Since 2014, Big walls are planned, or already built in countries like Greece, Spain, Hungary, Belize, Turkey, Costa Rica, Estonia, India, Iraq, Ukraine, Lebanon, the United States, and many more.

These countries say they are attempting to protect against illegal immigration and terrorism. But for many, any immigration is seen as a type of invasion! Leaders are being elected who espouse "protectionism" and "anti-other," with promises to do even more to close borders.

"Fake news" from sites like Facebook may play a part in encouraging this fear, but the real problem is our hearts.

The fear in our hearts causes us to protect ourselves from pain, remove ourselves from challenging conversations, avoid conflict, withdraw from difficult relationships. We shutout points-of-view that differ from our own. It may be the easier reaction, but it's not the right reaction.

It's not the way of God. The way of God is love!

Despite what you may have heard, love does not come naturally to we humans. Rather, we need a supernatural injection of the Holy Spirit so we can recognize others as true brothers and sisters. We will be able to look at our whole planet as a unified country of souls, rather than aliens and outsiders who are somehow intrinsically different than we are.

There is a better leader to elect as King of this new world! He is a King who brings prosperity, who defends the cause of the poor, who acts justly and righteously! This King promotes peace, compassion, and deliverance! He is a Redeemer!

Let's take responsibility for the part we play in fear-mongering, and invite the Holy Spirit to rain down upon us, and cleanse the fear from our hearts! Let's recognize this new King as our true leader, and follow in His ways!