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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, June 22nd, 2018
Related Song

I love verse four of this Psalm, and I suspect it's the key to the rest of the song! Verse four tells us to seek the Lord, and to seek his strength, and to seek his presence CONTINUALLY.

What would happen to our lives, I wonder, if we were to really seek his presence not just on Sunday mornings when we're in church, but CONTINUALLY? How would our lives be transformed? What would be different about how we interact with other people?

Imagine being so aware of the presence of God that you could honestly and passionately celebrate his judgements! At least for me, judgements and celebration don't really seem to go hand-in-hand. First of all, I don't think I want to be judged (without the blood of Jesus clearing the way, anyway), and second of all, it doesn't seem right to relish in judgement against someone else.

But if we're so full of God's presence, so aware of his deeds among us, mindful of all the wonderful works he's done, then we'll truly know the loving character of our God! His judgements will seem beautiful to us, because we'll know the compassion and constancy behind them!

Remember, God will never forgot his covenant, the one he commanded for a thousand generations, the one he made with Abraham, and his sworn promise to Isaac, and confirmed with Jacob!! We will inherit the land!