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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, August 16th, 2019
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Have you ever encountered a person who believes that true Christians should never suffer? Have you met someone who claims a "prosperity gospel," regularly praying for self, wealth, and health?

On Facebook, I often see posts by supposed Christian people claiming that their financial desires will be met if they only type "Amen" in the comment box. Others are less obvious, praying only that their needs will be met.

Of course, an absence of suffering is nothing like true Christianity, for we are modeling our lives after Jesus, the "suffering servant!"

Perhaps it's scripture like Psalm 112 which have brought some individuals to this doubtful place? Verses that say, "Happy are those who fear the lord," and "wealth and riches are in their houses," seem like compelling proof that this prosperity doctrine is true.

It's important to remember that even if we accumulate piles of gold and silver, we cannot take it with us to the afterlife. As it says in verse 9 of this psalm, we are righteous when we have distributed freely, and have given to the poor. What we receive, we should give away!

If you're tempted to focus on your own needs when you pray, maybe I can challenge you with this. Perhaps you can view your life as blessed, when you are more like Jesus, when you become a participant in his suffering. Maybe then you'll find yourself blest with a different kind of wealth and riches, rising in darkness as a light for the upright! Deal generously and lend, and conduct your affairs with justice, and then you will become gracious, merciful, and righteous!