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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, June 8th, 2018
Related Song

I wrote a song a long time ago called, “Lift Your Head Up,” and in the lyrics, I contemplate how such a simple act as looking up”“ getting your eyes off the ground, noticing the beauty around you, looking into people's eyes”“ how this simple act can have a positive impact on your emotional state.

This Psalm goes a step further. It reminds us to keep our eyes on God just the way a servant or a maid might look to their respective masters, “until he has mercy on us.”

Another metaphor that comes to my mind, is my dog, Buttons. I don't let him jump up on the furniture without being invited, and sometimes I make him wait a long time before that invitation comes. Oh, how he looks at me, keeps his eyes on me, waits for that call of mercy. His eyes plead, his attention is unwavering.

Are you in need of God's mercy? This Psalm reminds us: keep our eyes on our Master, waiting for that mercy-call.

When you've had your fill of contempt from those around you, when you're tired of the disdain and scorn from the proud, who never seem to suffer, keep your eyes on He who is full of mercy, and don't give up your pleading.