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Jason Silver

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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, August 14th, 2020
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The power of a waterfall, like these Kakabaka Falls, is an apt illustration of the power of God. Every second, thousands of gallons pour over these cliffs, and slowly, undoubtedly, water carves the rock beneath. Nothing can stand in its way. The path of erosion is easily visible, and with their retreat, the layers of sedimentary rock give up historic secrets as well.

The roar is deafening! The air is wet with mist! Even before the tumult comes into view, one senses something unusual just around the corner.

We hold our breath, in awe, and marvel at the epic, terrible beauty. Physically insignificant compared to these mighty torrents, we may even picture ourselves slipping and tumbling to the bottom.

The centuries pass, the water pounds, and people come and go. Yet God, like this waterfall, continues in His power and might. His essence is like living water, and he invites us to be filled, to be cleaned, to allow the scouring of our own sediment, the carving away of our own sharp edges. We fear throwing ourselves to his mercy, to see where the waves may carry us, for we know how perfect and unmoving he is. Yet his water brings life, and joy, and peace, and love.

Oh Lord, I thank you for saving me, and delivering me not just from my enemies, but from myself as well. You draw me from the mighty waters, and set my feet upon the rock.