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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Thursday, April 4th, 2019
Related Song

David was a man after “God's own heart.” Even from a young age, David depended upon his God to protect him. In faith, David, the shepherd, could fight off wild animals to protect the sheep, and recognized the role God played in giving him victory.

David the young boy-soldier, boldly confronted the Philistines without armour, confident in his success, because he knew God would help him.

So in verse 2, when his enemies taunt him that there is no “no help for him in God,” this is the ultimate of insult. The fact that David included it in his song may be a window into his heart: perhaps he himself feared it could be true.

I can't imagine what it would be like to have my own son rise up against me, as Absalom did against David. At this time, many were siding with Absalom, and even David's advisor, Ahithophel, had turned his back on him.

But despite all of this, I love how David says, “though ten thousand rise against me, I will not be afraid.” His lack of fear wasn't because of some self-confidence in his own abilities, but simply because of his faith in God to deliver him, as he had so many times before.

David could sleep, and rise again the next day, because he trusted God. There's something beautiful about being able to continue on in life, simply because one trusts God.

This is how I would like to encourage you. When you feel discouraged, disheartened, threatened even, rest in full peace, and wake, ready to serve your God. Let God be your protection, and trust his love.