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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, January 27th, 2017
Related Song

I've been curious about the phrase, “Land of the Living” for a while. What does it mean? Does it mean not dead? A search on Google makes me think it means not sleeping - that you're conscious. But it comes up a few times in the Psalms, so I wonder if it's the earth, or if it refers to those who are living eternal life?

Anyway, I thought this song came out pretty well. Sort of an ethereal, other-worldly sound to it-- it reminds me of driving at night.

Actually, that was my first plan for the video-- I went for a drive with my girls last night, with the camera mounted on the dash-- we drove down back roads with the high beams shining out in front of us. I hoped that the video would work for this song.

Alas, the video just wasn't clear enough, so I used this beautiful shot from a town in Germany.

God bless you!