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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, January 19th, 2018
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Have you ever had a bad day? Who hasn't, right?

The writer of this Psalm was certainly having a bad day! He lists the many things going wrong in his life: his stricken heart, his burning bones, too wasted to even eat, groaning, thin, alone, can't sleep, and all the time taunted by his enemies.

I feel for this poor guy, but I actually relate. I've had days like this myself, and the despair is immobilizing.

But as he speaks, he turns things around so that instead of focusing on his own pains and distress, he begins focus on God. He says, God, you're enthroned forever. Your name endures, you will rise up and have compassion. He recognizes Gods faithfulness and justice, and asks for God to intercede now.

I invite you to do the same; don't stop in your despair, but turn your heart to God, and acknowledge what you know to be true and right about God.